Looking For Events In Richmond?

You’ve come to the right place! InCONCERT is the place for entertainment in Richmond and Wayne County Indiana. InCONCERT is the organization that brings the community and nonprofits together through entertainment.


InCONCERT is a 501(c)3 that brings the local community together through entertainment by acting as a fundraising event coordinator. We partner with area nonprofits and sponsors to bring entertainment and events to Wayne County.

The goal of our organization is to create a win-win-win for:

  • Businesses that want to give back
  • Area nonprofits who want to diversify their fundraising efforts
  • Residents who are looking for great local entertainment
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With the donations of more than 60 area businesses our events help support more than a dozen local non-profits, visit the nonprofits page for a complete list of participating organizations.  Nearly 100% of sponsor gifts go towards hosting events. The nonprofits and InCONCERT sell tickets to the event with 100% of ticket sales going to participating nonprofits.

To learn more about how it works

Disco Ball

What kind of events or entertainment do you host?

If you’re looking for great events in Richmond or in Wayne County, we’ve got you covered! The events include concerts, comedians, dinner parties, outdoor festivals and more. InCONCERT hosts events year-round. We average between 7-8 events each year. Our goal is to provide events that are fun for everyone.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets to events in Richmond multiple ways:

  1. You can contact one of our local nonprofits representatives directly; this insures 100% of your ticket will be given to that nonprofit.
  2. You can purchase your ticket on this website and the proceeds will be distributed among all the nonprofits.
  3. You can purchase tickets at the door and the proceeds will be distributed among all the nonprofits. However, each event has limited number of tickets that are sold and are often sold out; purchase your tickets in advance.

Who do I talk to about being a sponsor or becoming a participating nonprofit?

InCONCERT is governed by a board of directors. You can contact one of the board members through our Contact Us page.

  • Liz Demao & Rhonda Power (President & Vice President
  • Brett Roland (Secretary, Past President)
  • Jeanie Karnes (Treasurer)
  • Steve Funkhouser (Board Member, Past President)
  • Phil Earlywine (Board Member)